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Moflash News: Saying Goodbye to an Icon

August 28, 2014

Moflash Blue Logo




After over 100 years of production, it is with a touch of sadness that Moflash has made the decision to stop production of the iconic Klaxet hooter.


The Klaxet (image left) was first produced in the early 1900’s in the Klaxon factory in Tyseley, Birmingham and went on to become the top selling product line for world famous brands predominantly used for time signaling but also as a standard product for well known companies such as BT as a telephone ringer for noisy environments.

The Klaxet was due to be made redundant 10 years ago but Moflash took over production from Klaxon along with its sister products the A1 and ES hooters and to date have continued to supply the units around the world.

However, with Moflash moving to a new factory at the end of 2014 it has been decided to rationalize the product range making way for the next generation of signalling devices expected to be launched in 2015.

On a positive note, the A1 hooter (image below) will continue to be produced for general sale with the ES hooter (image below) being available only in minimum production runs.

For more information on the A1 and ES hooters which are STILL available, please click and download the product datasheets below for more information.

A1 Hooter (below)

AH A1-2006-M-035387










Click to View A1 product datasheet


ES Hooter (below)












Click to View ES product datasheet

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